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HT Italia SIRIUS 89N Multifunction Installation Tester

SIRIUS 89N from HT Italia is a complete multifunction tester, with an Insulation, Loop and RCD tester to perform all testing in compliance to VDE 0413, including measurement of values of environmental parameters (temperature/humidity, illuminance, and sound level with optional probes), The SIRIUS89N can perform leakage current with an optional clamp and also performs as a power quality analyser on single phase systems in compliance to EN50160 guideline. RCDs which suddenly trip out, transformers which overheat, motors which burn out, voltage sags and surges which create problems, can all be easily solved with the HT Italia SIRIUS89N.

The meter allows the operator to perform a loop impedance measurement (P-P, P-N, P-PE) which can also be performed with higher resolution (0.1 mOhms) with the use of the IMP57 optional accessory and five predefined recording settings are integrated, in order to to help the user with the most common situations which can be present on the network quality (EN50160, Voltage Anomalies, Harmonics, Start-Up and Power & Energy).

SIRIUS89N can perform current measurements up to 3000A AC also by using a flexible clamp type in order to perform measurements on bigger cables or busbars.

Thanks to the PC interface and the powerful software you will create accurate documents for reporting to your customers in a professional layout.


  • Continuity test of earth conductor with 200mA
  • Insulation resistance up to 1000VDC
  • Trip-out time of RCDs type A, AC, general and selective
  • Trip-out current of RCDs type A, AC, general and selective
  • Loop/Line impedance P-P, P-N, P-PE also at high resolution with IMP57 optional accessory
  • Prospective short circuit current
  • Global earth resistance without RCD tripping
  • 2-wire and 3-wire earth resistance with rods
  • Ground resistivity
  • Contact voltage
  • Leakage current with optional HT96U transducer clamp
  • Phase sequence indication
  • TRMS measurement and recording electrical parameters in Single phase systems
  • Harmonics voltage and current up to 49° order plus THD%
  • Voltage anomalies (sags, surges) with 10ms resolution
  • 5 predefined selectable recordings
  • Temperature/humidity measurement and recording
  • Illuminance measurement and recording
  • Sound level type 1 measurement and recording
  • Memory for saving results
  • RS232 output for PC connection
  • AutopowerOFF
  • Backlight

Included accessories:

  • C2033X: 3-wires cable with plug
  • KITGSC5: set 4 cables + 4 alligator clips + 2 test leads
  • KITTERRNE: set 4 cables + 4 earth rods
  • TOPVIEW2006: Windows software + optical/USB cable C2006
  • BORSA2050: carrying case
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate
  • User manual

Optional accessories:

  • HT52/05: temperature/humidity probe
  • HT53/05: illuminance probe
  • CN0050: kit of strap to hang the meter on neck
  • A0050: power adapter 230V/50Hz
  • A0053: power adapter 120V/60Hz
  • HT96U: clamp 1/100/1000A-1V for leakage currents Ø 54mm
  • HP30C2: clamp 200-2000A Ø 70mm
  • HP30C3: clamp 3000A Ø 70mm
  • HTFLEX33D: flexible clamp 1000/3000AAC, Ø 154mm
  • IMP57 accessory for high resolution impedance measurements
  • 1066-IECN: connector for banana cable 4mm, black
  • 1066-IECR: connector for banana cable 4mm, red
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