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Here at Test Equipment we carry a wide range of underground cable and services locators, used extensively to locate the position and depth of buried services, such as cables, pipes and other utilities. When purchasing an underground locator, there are a number of things to be aware of, which are crucial to the success of the locate, such as whether the locator is being used in an active or passive mode (with or without the use of a signal transmitter), available frequencies which determine how easily the signal can couple onto the target and how far it can travel. In addition to these kind of considerations, there are a whole list of things which we have covered in other posts which try to explain in much greater depth what the differences are between the different underground service locators, and what practices are best employed to get the best out of it.

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Insulation resistance testers, or megohmmeters are arguably one of the most used test instruments in the electrical industry. Being able to measure very high levels of resistance is essential to determining the electrical integrity of cabling, motors, and electrical equipment, which makes the insulation resistance tester so widely used.


Most of these megohmmeters can be roughly split into three product groups, based on the test voltage produced. There are those that are capable of producing a test voltage of up to 1000V, those which can output up to 5kV and those that can generate 10kV and even higher than that. The 1000V insulation testers are predominantly hand held, although some of them, such as the AEMC 1050 and AEMC 1060 are housed in a robust field case. These are also the cheapest of the product groups as they tend to be less complex than the higher voltage testers. Nevertheless, some of them like the Sonel MIC-10 and MIC-30 are very capable instruments indeed, with an array of functions and features designed for professional use. Analogue megohmmeters are still very popular but this popularity is gradually waning as the digital units are becoming more and more the standard for most of the electrical industry, doe to their greater accuracy and lack of moving parts.

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