Stocking a Huge Range of Electrical Test Equipment from the Most Reputable Brands

Here at Test Equipment we stock a large range of test instruments, specifically for use in the electrical, HVAC, and utility/engineering sectors. With the latest test meters from FLIR, Radiodetection, AEMC, HT Italia, Sonel and Fieldpiece we are ideally positioned to offer various solutions for customers' electrical test equipment requirements.


As well as our sales division which specialises in electrical test and measurement equipment, we also have a full equipped calibration laboratory located at our offices in Brisbane. When purchasing test equipment from us, it often makes sense to have the calibration done at the point of sales because not only can it be cheaper and more convenient than having to spend extra time and money sending the equipment to a third-party calibration company, but we are trained to perform calibrations by each manufacturer on their test equipment to the same standards as their factory technicians. All of our calibrations are traceable to national standards using NATA calibrated references. 


Test Equipment for the Electrical Industry


FLIR Systems have recently released a range of electrical test equipment to complement their thermal imaging cameras. With a growing range of products, including multimeters, clamp meters, thermometers, and moisture meters which can all interface wirelessly with a number of the thermal imaging cameras. FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras are also distributed by us at Test Equipment, and as one of FLIR's largest distributors across Australia, we stock the whole range of FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras.


Radiodetection are the global market leader in underground cable and service locators. We stock the whole range of underground cable locators, as well as ground penetrating radar, leak detection equipment and even the Riserbond range of TDR meters for use on cable systems.


AEMC Instruments trust Test Equipment to represent them across Australia and supply their full range of electrical test instruments to electricians, engineers, and various other industries. Specifically known for their ground resistance testers, insulation resistance testers and power quality analysers, AEMC also have a wide range of other equipment, and as part of the huge Chauvin Arnoux global network, we offer sales, service and calibration of all their electrical test equipment Australia Wide.


HT Italia and Sonel are both stocked by us and with a wide range of test instruments aimed at electricians, and power systems engineers and professionals, both of these companies manufacture high quality test meters. The range of multifunction electrical installation testers (sometimes called combi testers) from Sonel are arguably some of the best multifunction electrical testers available on the market. With a growing market share and excellent product support and back up all offered from Test Equipment, with the manufacturer's assistance, we are here to ensure that you get the best out of your test equipment with our unrivalled product support and experience in the field.