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Problems with power quality cost industry billions of dollars each year, due to inefficient operation of machinery, equipment, and various electrical components. In fact power quality issues are responsible for equipment failure, excess amounts of heat in cabling and connections due to excessive current draw, but are often overlooked. Thermal Cameras are used extensively to check hot spots and problems in electrical networks, but the underlying cause can very often be problems with power quality.


With a wide range of power quality analysers, with various functions and capabilities, we at Test Equipment can empower you with the tools you need to get the job done. Our range of power analysers include models from AEMC and HT Italia who are both highly respected brands in the electrical test industry, and can range from the easy to use, very popular PEL-103 up to the AEMC 8336 and HT Italia PQA824, both of which are high end instruments which can be used to log power quality for extended periods of time in switchboards or at other points throughout the electrical installation. Quite recently we were asked to provide a power logger to analyse a power problem in a hospital, and used the AEMC 8336 to find the source of the problem, which was causing expensive components to regularly fail. After a week of logging, we uncovered a voltage stability problem, and were able to advise the facility to install phase failure relays to protect the equipment from the large dips and swells which were being experienced. The point to learn from this is that although a high quality power analyser like this can initially have an outlay of several thousand dollars, it can save much more than this in the long term and provide the contractor with an edge - effectively a pair of eyes which can look at every detail in the electrical system under test.


The Cheapest Value for Money Power Quality Analyser:


PEL-103 Power Quality AnalyserThe PEL-103 from AEMC Instruments outsells all of our other power quality analysers put together. As far as the cost goes, the PEL-103 is our cheapest power quality analyser, but do not let it's price fool you. it has a heap of capability of both single phase and three phase electrical systems and is capable of measuring and data logging power quality issues over very long periods of time thanks to it's removable SD card which can be removed and replaced with a memory card of up to 32GB. The PEL-103 is small as well, only 35mm thick and comes in a magnetic rubber boot allowing it to be safely and quickly fixed in place. The flexible current probes which it uses can measure nominal AC current up to 10,000A and they are also supplied with it in the kit, as well as the software for downloading the recordings and providing a nicely customised power quality report for the customer. With Bluetooth, and Android app, and Ethernet connectivity to allow remote monitoring from anywhere in the world, the PEL-103 is without doubt the best value for money power quality analyser we have seen. We also service and calibrate them right here in Australia at our office in Brisbane. 


What about the more expensive Power Quality Analysers ?


Essentially the PEL-103 may be quite sufficient for someone who just wants to measure voltage, current, power, power factor, energy consumption. It is easy to set up, easy to use, has an easy to see LCD screen, works with an Android app through it's Bluetooth connection to see phasor diagrams on a phone or tablet in real time. However, some customers require more flexibility than the PEL-103 can offer, such as being able to measure inrush current, which is prevalent in the startup of direct online motors, and lighting circuits. They may want to have everything contained on the colour screen of the power analyser, and may prefer to have a direct measurement of the neutral current with a fourth current clamp. Depending on requirements, this is where the more expensive power quality analysers come into play. They have more advanced features, such as scalable alarm thresholds, scalable primary voltages and powers, some of them, such as the HT Italia PQA824 are very fast with high sample rates. Others, such as the AEMC 8435 are completely weatherproof and can be positioned outdoors.



AEMC 8336 Power Quality Analyser

Either way there is a lot of choice available to the potential customer, which can be daunting, which is why we are here to advise and guide you through the process. We have significant experience in power quality measurements, and correct equipment application for being able to analyse any problems correctly and understand what the measurements mean. For customers we can offer either face to face or remote product support and training to ensure you are not left with something that you can't operate correctly or safely.


Power quality is a serious business and is expected to become even more serious with a focus on saving energy, and reducing electrical system inefficiencies. Please feel free to call us if you need help or advise, and we will always be more than happy to help you wherever we can.