Premium Brands Cable Locators


Here at Test Equipment we carry a wide range of underground cable and services locators, used extensively to locate the position and depth of buried services, such as cables, pipes and other utilities. When purchasing an underground locator, there are a number of things to be aware of, which are crucial to the success of the locate, such as whether the locator is being used in an active or passive mode (with or without the use of a signal transmitter), available frequencies which determine how easily the signal can couple onto the target and how far it can travel. In addition to these kind of considerations, there are a whole list of things which we have covered in other posts which try to explain in much greater depth what the differences are between the different underground service locators, and what practices are best employed to get the best out of it.


Why Should Customers Buy from Test Equipment


We represent Radiodetection, one of the most globally respected brands in the underground cable and service locator markets, and as such have access to their entire range of underground locators. The CAT4+, RD2000, RD7000+, RD8000 and the new RD8100 are all models within our supply capability right across Australia. Whilst we carry some models of locators, including the Sonel LKZ-1000 and the HT Italia HT-5000 which is heavily modelled on the Amprobe underground locator range, the Radiodetection locators are by far our biggest market share. We can advise, and help customers select the most appropriate service locator for their needs, and also assist with application and getting the best performance from any of the Radiodetection range of underground locators.


We only carry market leading brands from premier manufacturers of equipment, as not only are the products of a high quality, but the back up and after sales support helps us to ensure that you get years of trouble free service, helping you to perform underground locates easier, faster and with greater accuracy. Should you require assistance, we are here to support you from our base right here in Brisbane from where we service the whole of Australia.


For customers looking for an uncomplicated locator, the CAT4+ would most probably be the instrument of choice. With it’s incredibly easy to use interface and display it offers a simplistic method of cable avoidance. There is the familiar 33kHz frequency with a small diameter locate signal, and the kit comes complete, including a signal clamp in a carry bag, ready for field use. This is also the locator with the lowest price, but nevertheless offers excellent all round performance.


The RD2000 takes the performance of the CAT4+, and adds three frequencies, allowing optimisation for the pipeline, electrical or telecommunications industries. With the same familiar interface, but more flexibility, the RD2000 bridges a gap between the CAT4+ and the more expensive precision locators, such as the RD7000+ which adds more frequencies, depth on power, TruDepth technology, Side Step Auto and a host of precision features, reserved for the higher end underground locator ranges. In fact the RD7000+PL kit is our best-selling configuration being extremely popular with contractors who may require a little more performance.


RD8100 Underground LocatorFinally the RD8100 which is the flagship Radiodetection cable and service locator has just been released and is already doing very well. With features such as Bluetooth for remote control, GPS, logging, and a myriad of improvements, the RD8100 is sure to impress even the most demanding customers. It is built for high end precision locating and supplied Australia wide by us here at Test Equipment, with full product support and back up.