Calibrating Your PAT Testing Equipment

One of the most requested product lines which are supplied by us here at Test Equipment are Test & Tag Machines, otherwise known as PAT Testers (PAT is an abbreviation of Portable Appliance Test). All of these machines are capable of undertaking different tests, all to the relevant Australian Standards. The only thing that tends to differ as you go up the range (apart from price) is the functionality of each unit.


For example, the entry level units are capable of performing insulation tests, earth continuity tests and current leakage tests in one handy unit, some units can also test RCD trip swithces for correct operation, and some units have a built in memory to allow the user to save the results for downloading to a PC, eliminating the requirement to manually complete a log book. The higher level units are fully automated and allow tags to be printed on site and fully manage client assets.


Why Calibrate your Test and Tag Equipment ?


Testing to Australian Standards also requires the device to have certain tolerances for accuracy, and that is where keeping the machine calibrated will ensure that the accuracy of your tester is checked and any potential adjustments can be made. AS/NZS3760 prescribes very definite pass and fail limits for insulation resistance, earth continuity and currrent leakage (current leakage varies between Class 1 and Class 2 appliances between 1mA and 5mA). Passing an appliance with a test and tag machine which is out of it's calibration period is potentially opening up a situation where something should have failed, but instead has been passed because of the test and tag unit's calibration. Although it is extremely rare for one of our TnT PAT testers to fail a calibration, or require adjustment, it is still prudent to have the unit calibration checked every 12 months to verify that the performance is still within the manufacturer's declared performance and accuracy specifications. This potentially eliminates the risk of personal injury, or even worse to anyne who may use a dangerous appliance that has been passed as safe due to a test and tag machine which has drifted out of calibration.


All of our TnT range of portable appliance testers are designed and manufactured for Australian Standards and are built using high grade electronic components, which maintain the integrity of the unit, and keep them within the manufacturer's tolerances. Our calibration lab is fully equipped to test and certify a full range of portable appliance testers from TnT and various other brands. Although all TnT appliance testers are supplied with a calibration certificate when new, we can offer a re-calibration service right here at our Brisbane premises with fast turnaround and minimal downtime to the contractor.


Why not benefit from our experience with selecting the appropriate test and tag equipment, as we are able to advise on product selection and appliacation. We have years of experience in the electrical industry, and getting the right advice from the start can potentially save you hours of writing tags, filling in log books and keeping yourself compliant. We are here to assist you with potential pitfalls and benefits of using the correct machine, and operating it correctly.