FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging Cameras have, in recent years, fallen in price significantly. Not that long ago, thermal imaging cameras were out of the reach of all but the biggest companies. During the last few years, FLIR thermal imaging cameras have become cheaper and smaller, putting them well within the reach of most potential users. FLIR have a wide range of thermal imaging cameras in their product line up, which will suit a wide range of budgets from the entry level user, up to the professional thermographer. 


The power of a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera in your equipment is obvious. Seeing things that your eyes cannot detect makes a thermal imaging camera both useful and extremely powerful. For electrical contractors, why not unleash the power of a FLIR thermal imager to invetigate electrical connections in switchboards and machinery. Using a thermal camera allows hot connections caused by equipment faults, or poor contact to be spotted quickly and safely. Plumbers looking for water leaks can greatly benefit from a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera to find the source of the leak, as water tends to slightly lower the temperature of it's surroundings, or in the case of hot water leaks, the leaks can be very obvious and found very quickly with a thermal imaging camera. Building and pest inspectors are also finding an invaluable tool for finding energy losses, termites, and building defects, all with the power of a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera.


Why should you use a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera ?


FLIR Systems are the global market leaders in the field of thermal imaging. With a global presence in numerous countries, FLIR thermal cameras have the benefit of FLIR's huge research and development budget, and all themal imaging cameras carry the FLIR exclusive 2/10 warranty, which gives a long 10 year warranty on the infrared detector assembly. This detector is the focal point of the thermal imaging camera and the most expensive component. Buying a FLIR thermal imager gives the user confidence and reassurance that such an expensive investment is covered against any expensive failures. Putting into perspective though, we have never seen a FLIR infrared detector fail in years of representing them.


Why Test Equipment should supply your FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera


At Test Equipment we are experts in the field of thermal imaging application and product selection. Our staff are qualified and certified thermographers and have used FLIR Thermal Cameras for many years. We are different from other FLIR distributors, not only because of our close ties with FLIR, but because of our extensive knowledge. Because thermal imaging is one of our specialist fields, our technical and after sales support is unrivalled. For our customers, we can help with finding the right thermal imaging camera, advising you every step of the way. We have extensive field experience with all FLIR Imaging Cameras, and our product specialists are considered as experts in this field. 


We offer full product training and support, at no extra charge and this extends to remotely setting up the software for you and helping you to analyse the images and compile reports for your customers. We also provide scheduled classroom training courses each quarter in various state capitals across Australia - again at no extra cost for certain customers. Letting us here at Test Equipment supply your FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera really does allow you to unleash it full potential and turn it into one of the most powerful tools you will ever use.