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Plastic Pipe Locators

Plastic water pipe locators differ from the traditional electromagnetic cable and pipe locators, due to their ability to locate underground water pipes made of non-metallic materials, such as concrete and plastics including PVC and polyurethane. Using a water pipe locator allows the pipe to be located with relative ease by simply attaching a device called a Transonde to a water tap or access point on the water mains. The latest electronic transondes make it possible to attach a transmitter to a low pressure domestic water system and to locate any buried mains water pipes without disconnecting the water supply. We have kits which make it possible to locate underground water pipes in a range of low, medium and even high pressure applications and this can be done without disconnection of the water supply. These locators cannot be used to locate cables, as they are specifically designed for location of pressurised water systems. Locating of storm water and sewer pipes is best undertaken with an electromagnetic cable and pipe locator and a duct rodder with sonde.