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Testrix Drain & Sewer Pipe Inspection CCTV Camera System with 120m Reel & 50mm CCD Camera

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The Testrix TX-120 is a larger, professional high end drain and sewer inspection camera kit is supplied with a larger, upgraded camera and reel, designed to make more complex drain and sewer CCTV inspections easier. This video inspection camera system has the self-levelling 50mm CCD camera head installed, which is surrounded by adjustable bright LED lights and a 120 metre long camera cable, wound onto a custom cable reel, made...

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The Testrix TX-120 is a larger, professional high end drain and sewer inspection camera kit is supplied with a larger, upgraded camera and reel, designed to make more complex drain and sewer CCTV inspections easier. This video inspection camera system has the self-levelling 50mm CCD camera head installed, which is surrounded by adjustable bright LED lights and a 120 metre long camera cable, wound onot a custom cable reel, made from stainless steel and with large wheels for ease of transport. Housed in a professional ABS hard case, with a built in 15 inch (38cm) colour TFT monitor, this drain inspection camera system is a complete professional level kit, supplied ready for use.

These high end drain camera heads utilise a Sony CCD sensor, which performs better than a standard CMOS camera sensor found in cheaper units, particularly in low light conditions. The CCD sensor will deliver a better, noise free image at higher resolution for professional quality surveys and inspections on drain and sewer pipes. Testrix manufacture their cameras from aluminium alloy materials, which are a lightweight and extremely durable option, and the sapphire glass, which is used to cover the lenses on our cameras is an extremely hard material unlike the cheaper cameras which use lower quality materials, and ultimately will give reduced service life. The control box has also been upgraded to a newer design with custom firmware, making it far easier to use, and has a logical layout with a navigation keypad and main functions, such as LED brightness and recording in one place.

A built in 512Hz sonde (radio transmitter)has been fitted to the camera head, which allows a locator, such as one of our Radiodetection units from the RD7100 range, or the low cost Testrix 512Hz locator to be used on the surface in order to locate the position of the camera head. With the camera's position located, the position of any pipe damage or blockages is known, which makes it easy to expose the section of drain or sewer pipe and clear any blockage or repair the pipe more efficiently. A lower frequency sonde (512Hz) enables the signal to pass through materials such as cast iron and ductile steel which will mask the signal from other sondes, and minimises the risk of the signal jumping onto other buried services.

The larger, upgraded 120 metre cable reel is manufactured from strong fibreglass to give flexibility and strength, and is wound onto a specialised reel system, manufactured from stainless steel for durabillity and portability. The thcker fibreglass rod is 9mm in diameter, which is necessary in longer cable reels to ensure that the operator maintains control of the camera over longer distances, as the thinner rods found on many systems will buckle when the camera is further away from the point of entry through drainage and sewerage pipes, especially when utilising a larger CCD camera. A distance counter is also integrated into the cable reel, which gives the user an on screen display of the length of cable inserted into the drain or sewer. When utilising this function, especially in conjunction with a locator, the distance to the problem can be easily available, and the distance can be reset at any point to make measuring point to point distances possible, which can be useful if the operator needs to know the length of a blockage, or damaged pipe making it possible to estimate any replacement sections with relative ease.

We supply this drain camera kit with a 50mm Sony CCD camera lens, which can be interchanged for any of Testrix' other camera heads, making these kits expandable and versatile. This camera is built from aluminium alloy and with a sapphire glass, which is hard and exceptionally durable. The camera head is IP68 waterproof rated, and also resistant to dust, dirt and sand making it suitable for use in and around water. Each camera is fitted with a large amount of 30 LEDs for use in dark drains and sewer pipes, and these also have adjustable brightness, controlled from the main control box, to ensure that the image and videos are optimised for the conditions, allowing smaller and more precise levels of detail to be picked up. This camera is fitted with a 90 degree lens for a wider accurate image, and allows for even closer and detailed inpsections of drainage and sewer pipes than is usually possible with lower cost CMOS cameras. In order to keep the camera centred within the pipe and away from the pipe bottom which may have a build up of material, we supply the kit with a wheeled skid, which can be easily and quickly fitted to the camera head and allows the user to maintain control of the camera, while allowing it to be easily manoeuvered.

The real time video from the camera is displayed on our largest 15 inch digital colour TFT screen, with on screen menu functions for user friendliness and ease of set up and use. The big 15 inch screen offers a large image for detailed pipe, drain and sewer inspections. This particular drain camera system can record video and save images to a SD card (up to 32GB), which is inserted into the control box card slot, and then can be downloaded to a PC and emailed to customers or included in reports.

A waterproof QWERTY keyboard is provided in the case, which allows the operator to easily add text and comments into videos and images for explanations and information relating to any potential issues and problems found by the camera.

This inspection camera system is powered by a rechargeable 12V Li-Ion battery pack for complete portability, giving a run time of more than approximately 260 minutes (4 hours and 20 minutes) per charge.



  • Fully self-contained and portable drain and sewer CCTV system
  • 120 metre long thicker fibreglass camera cable on stainless steel reel
  • Distance counter can display in metric or imperial units
  • 50mm Sony CCD camera for high detail imaging and video
  • Built in 512Hz transmitter (sonde) in camera head
  • 90 degree angle camera manufactured from aluminium alloy
  • Sapphire glass lens cover for durability and long service life
  • 50mm diameter interchangeable camera head to traverse drain, stormwater and sewer pipes
  • New and improved control box for easy user operation
  • Video Recording and Image Capture to SD card 
  • Largest 15 inch digital colour TFT monitor
  • Keyboard for inserting comments and information into images and videos
  • Maximum number of 30 adjustable LEDs for colour imaging in dark pipes
  • Upgraded Sony CCD camera lens for close up imaging
  • Rechargeable 12V Li-Ion battery pack
  • On screen menu for access to functions
  • Wheeled camera skid keeps camera head centred in pipe
  • Full Australia wide warranty and support 
  • Range of spare parts in stock



  • Drainage and sewer pipe problems
  • Blockages in plumbing systems
  • Building and pest inspections
  • Problems inside cavity walls
  • Problems in water tanks
  • Air conditioning ducts and HVAC systems
  • Problems in underground ducts and conduits


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