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Drain Cameras

A sewer or drain camera system can quickly and easily find and identify blockages or damage to storm water drains, plumbing pipes and sewer systems. We offer a full range of drain cameras for undertaking professional inspections on a range of drain and sewer pipes. Our cameras range from low cost solutions to fully featured pan and tilt cameras, which utilise high specification Sony CCD sensors for the ultimate video and still imaging in dark underground drainage and sewage pipes and networks. Our drain and sewer inspection cameras are not like other CCTV systems, being serviced by our office here in Australia with Australia wide technical support and backup. We utilise high grade components and materials in our drain CCTV systems for durability and long service life. our cameras are IP68 waterproof and can be used in all drain and sewer pipes. Visit the Testrix Drain Cameras website for best prices on their range.