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Kyoritsu 6315 Single & Three Phase Power Quality Analyser

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The Kyoritsu 6315 is a fully featured power quality analyser, capable of recording a wide range of power quality parameters on both single and three phase electrical networks. In addition to both current and voltage, the Kyoritsu 6315 can also measure and record phase angle, harmonics, apparent power, active power, reactive power, active energy, apparent energy, reactive energy, power factor, inrush current, swells, dips, inte...

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The Kyoritsu 6315 is a fully featured power quality analyser, capable of recording a wide range of power quality parameters on both single and three phase electrical networks. In addition to both current and voltage, the Kyoritsu 6315 can also measure and record phase angle, harmonics, apparent power, active power, reactive power, active energy, apparent energy, reactive energy, power factor, inrush current, swells, dips, interruptions, transients and over voltages and also capacitance calculations for power factor correction units.

The user interface on the Kyoritsu 6315 is both user friendly, and simple to use, with the unit's main features being accessed from the front panel via a few simple keys. This makes using the Kyoritsu 6315 a straightforward matter, and makes setting up the unit quick and easy. With the Start / Stop button, the user is taken into a simplified set up menu, where the meter can guide the operator in connecting to a circuit, and starting a recording in just a few straightforward steps. The Kyoritsu 6315 will even perform a wiring check of the connections and a self-diagnosis and sensor test before the recording is configured.

The Vector and wiring check function allows the Kyoritsu 6315 to display voltage and current by vector per channel and also unbalance ratio on it's colour display. The 6315 wiring check function confirms that the connection to the electricity supply is correct, and even displays ideal vector (at the lower left corner of the screen) according to the selected electrical system, whilst also showing connection errors.

In order to support demand control, present energy usage and estimated value are displayed on a graph, while recording maximum demand value and the time of occurrence. Additionally, the Kyoritsu 6315 can also measure instantaneous / average/ minimum / maximum levels for voltage, current, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor and frequency, all on the same screen and the recording time for these parameters can be set by the user in several steps from 1 second up to 2 hours. Trends of all main parameters can be shown in line graph format on the screen and user can also use the zoom function to highlight areas of concern. The display will list the active, reactive and apparent energy in total and for each phase consumed (or generated in the case of co-generation, such as solar PV systems).

The Kyoritsu 6315 has a button labelled QUALITY on the front panel. A press of this puts the 6315 into power quality mode which can measure voltage swells, dips, interruptions, transients, and inrush currents, which can be indicative of a weak power distribution system. The Kyoritsu 6315 can catch swells, dips, interruptions and inrush currents based on a half cycle(10ms @ 50Hz). All necessary data is displayed with a single key press. As well as this the 6315 power quality analyser can also measure and display flicker, which is caused by periodic voltage changes caused by fluctuating loads causing the impression of visual unsteadiness. Flicker can be displayed either as a list, or on a 1min trend graph.

The waveform button allows the Kyoritsu 6315 to display voltage and current on each channel (or phase) by waveform, and selectable scales of both voltage / current axis and time axis are scaleable by the user as well as automatic scaling being available. Waveform views are extremely useful for analysing any distortion to the sine wave caused by various factors including harmonics and loads, and a separate harmonic analysis button is also present on the Kyoritsu 6315, which allows the display of graphics relating to harmonic components up to 50th order for voltage, current and power both in total and for each phase. The 6315 can display this parameter either as a list or in graph format, including the harmonic content, rms value and phase angle of each order. The Kyoritsu 6315 can analyse harmonic currents which may cause damage to capacitor banks (or power factor correction units), overheating transformers, neutral conductors, cables and unwanted tripping of breakers.

Data is recorded onto a SD card, and the Kyoritsu 6315 can accept SD cards up to 2GB in capacity. With the Kyoritsu 6315 set to capture data every 1 minute, the 6315 can record up to approximately 3 months of data including harmonics, or approximately 1 year of data without harmonics.

A USB terminal allows for connection to a PC, and a further digital output terminal and analogue input terminal allows for further flexibility, such as recording of additional parameters, such as temperature and humidity etc.

The Kyoritsu 6315 is supplied with Windows software, which allows automatic creation of graphs and lists from the recorded data for inclusion into power quality analysis reports. This software also accommodates uniform management of settings and recorded data acquired from multiple devices. Data can even be expressed in crude oils and CO2 equivalent values in the report.

Via Bluetooth communication, the measurements from the Kyoritsu 6315 can be graphically displayed on either an Android device, via the available app or on the PC or laptop screen in real time, which is useful for situations where a switchboard door cannot be opened and personnel are required to remain at a safe distance from the power analyser while installed in a live electrical network. A power supply adapter is also available as an optional extra, which simply plugs into the Kyoritsu 6315 and allows it to be powered (including keeping the back up battery charged) from the voltage connections made on the electrical network, eliminating the need to find a suitable power outlet, or leave a switchboard door open. A magnetic case can also be supplied as an optional extra which allows the 6315 power quality analyser to be installed by attaching it to the sides of a metal enclosure for safe and easy installation.



  • Records a wide range of parameters - Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Active Energy, Reactive Energy, Apparent Energy, Power Factor, Neutral Current, Transients / Over Demand, Harmonics, Quality (Swell / Dip / Interruption Voltage, Inrush Current, Unbalance Rate, Flicker) Phase Advance Condenser, Crest Factor
  • RMS Voltage up to 1000V
  • Frequency from 40Hz to 70Hz
  • Current up to 3000A (sensor dependant)
  • Colour TFT Display
  • Digital Output Function
  • Remote Monitoring via PC or Android Device
  • Helpful Support Functions - Quick Start Guide, Wiring Check and Sensor Detection
  • On screen measurements displayed as lists or trend graphs
  • Adjustable Interval Periods from 1 second to 2 hours in several steps
  • Records Instantaneous / Average / Minimum / Maximum values for Voltage, Current, Active / Reactive / Apparent Power, Power Factor, and Frequency all on one screen
  • Trend of all main parameters and zoom function
  • Function to define size of capacitor banks of Power Factor correction unit
  • Print Screen Function
  • On screen Waveform Display with Selectable Scales
  • Up to 2GB SD memory cards can be used
  • Harmonics Analysis


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 Kyoritsu 6315 Power Analyser | Test Equipment Australia

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