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Megger DLRO 10X Digital 10A Low Resistance Ducter Tester

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The Megger Ducter DLRO 10X is a fully automatic micro-ohmmeter, used for performing low resistance measurements. A low resistance reading, also known as a ducter test is a simple four wire test with the objective of measuring very low contact resistance. Automatically selecting the most suitable test current, up to 10A, the DLRO 10X can measure resistance from 0.1µΩ to 2,000Ω, across seven ranges....

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The Megger Ducter DLRO 10X is a fully automatic micro-ohmmeter, used for performing low resistance measurements. A low resistance reading, also known as a ducter test is a simple four wire test with the objective of measuring very low contact resistance.

Automatically selecting the most suitable test current, up to 10A, the DLRO 10X can measure resistance from 0.1µΩ to 2,000Ω, across seven ranges.

Built around the same framework as the DLRO 10, the DLRO 10X is designed for those users who require a greater degree of control over the test process as it uses a menu system controlled by a paddle which allows the user to select the maximum test current to be applied. Additionally, the DLRO 10X has a number of other upgraded features over the entry level DLRO 10, such as the ability to download results in real time and on board storage for downloading test results to a PC, and the ability to set high and low pass limits, making the test process as easy as a pass or fail.

Built into a robust, lightweight case, the Megger DLRO 10X is light enough to be worn around the user's neck but also suitable for field, production or test laboratory use, and due to it's reduced size, the DLRO 10X can be taken into areas that were previously too small to access.

In order to cancel out the effects of any standing voltages across the test sample, the Megger DLRO 10X utilises forward and reverse currents and displays the average value to a basic accuracy of 0.2% within 3 seconds on the large, backlit LCD screen.

The DLRO 10X is supplied as standard with a rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery pack, which is interchangeable meaning that a flat battery can be recharged with the external charger, while testing continues with a spare pack. Full charging is generally accomplished in approximately 4 hours, but a fast charge mode will charge a battery to 90% of it's capacity in around 2 1/2 hours from the supplied mains charger, or from a 12V battery. The battery pack also contains it's own internal battery state indicator, allowing the state of charge to be monitored, even without being connected to the instrument.

Additionally, an optional mains power supply (DLRO10LPU) can be supplied, which allows the DLRO 10 to be powered from a mains supply, making it ideal for repetitive testing applications, such as manufacturing or testing production line use.

The Megger DLRO 10X now boasts a number of measurement modes. Normal, Continuous and Inductive modes are all standard features of the DLRO 10X. Each mode offers differnt characteristics and can be adapted to suit the test sample:

Normal Mode:

The DLRO 10X will start the test as soon as the leads are connected and the test button is pressed. Forward and reverse currents are applied and all four connections are checked. The DLRO 10X displays both forward and reverse measurements, as well as the average of the two.

Auto Mode:

The need to press the test button is removed. Forward and reverse current measurements are applied as soon as the probes make contact with the test sample. Each time the probes are removed and reconnected to the sample, a new test is automatically performed. This is an ideal mode when using the DH4-C duplex handspikes.

Continuous Mode:

Permits repeated measurements to be made on the same test sample. Simply connect the test leads and press the test button and thew measurement will update every 3 seconds until the circuit is broken.

Inductive Mode:

When measuring inductive loads, it is necessary to wait for the voltage to stabilise, meaning that the measurement neesd to take from a few seconds, to a few minutes. Using this mode the instrument will inject a current into the object being tested and wait for the votage to stabilise. The process is repeated until the voltage falls to a range between 15mV to 200mV, and as time passes, the resistance reading will decrease to the true value, allowing the operator to decide when the reading is stable and terminate the test by pressing the test button.

Unidirectional Mode:

The DLRO 10X applies a current in one direction only which does not allow and standing EMF to be negated, but makes the measurement process faster. The test starts automatically when the test probes are connected.

The Megger DLRO10X can be used in a wide range of environments, where accurate low resistance readings are required such as:


  • Switch and contact breaker resistance
  • Busbars and cable joints
  • Integrity of welded joints
  • Aircraft frame bonds and static control circuits
  • Inter-cell connections on battery systems up to 600V peak
  • Quality control of resistive components
  • transformer and motor winding resistance
  • Rail and pipe joints and bonds
  • Metal alloys, welds and fuse resistance
  • Graphite electrodes and other composites
  • Wire and cable resistance
  • Transmitter antenna and lighting conductor bonding


Key Features:


  • Small, portable and lightweight
  • Backlit LCD dislay for clear display of test results
  • Memory allows up to 700 sets of results to be saved in the onbpard memory
  • Add notes with the onboard keypad containing up to 200 characters for each test
  • RS232 connection allows test results to be doenloaded to a PC
  • Can automatically apply forward and reverse currents to cancel out any standing voltages for greater accuracy
  • Checks for abnormal levels of noise during measurement
  • Automatically detects continuity in current and voltage circuits preventing erroneously high readings
  • Displays both forward and reverse readings and the average result
  • Allows high and low pass limits to be set by the user for pass and fail testing
  • Alpha-numeric keypad for entering test notes
  • Multiple operating modes, including fully automatic mode and Unidirectional mode
  • Protected to 600V
  • New interchangeable test lead terminations

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