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Radiodetection RD8200G Precision 10-Watt iLOC Cable and Pipe Locator Kit with Logging and GPS

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The RD8200G is Radiodetection's top of the range, most powerful precision cable and pipe locator kit, with the benefit of internal logging and in-built GPS which is designed and built in the UK and offers the most advanced features available in the precision ranges of Radiodetection underground locators. Aimed at professional users who need to locate buried cables, pipes and other infrastructure quickly, and accurately, the RD...

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The RD8200G is Radiodetection's top of the range, most powerful precision cable and pipe locator kit, with the benefit of internal logging and in-built GPS which is designed and built in the UK and offers the most advanced features available in the precision ranges of Radiodetection underground locators. Aimed at professional users who need to locate buried cables, pipes and other infrastructure quickly, and accurately, the RD8200G offers a system which uses a diamond cut precision antenna system to deliver fast and precise results in the field. Paired with the highest power 10-watt iLOC transmitter, the RD8200G is able to locate a wide range of buried cables and pipes with speed and accuracy. The TX-10B transmitter supplied in this kit offers a more powerful 10-watts of locating power, for maximum distance and depth along with the iLOC function, which supports a wireless connection between the transmitter and receiver, allowing remote control of key transmitter functions by the operator.

With 22 active locate frequencies, and a range of other features, including 5 passive locate modes, strike alert and digital signal processing for class leading sensitivity, the RD8200G is an a high end, no compromise locator designed for professional use in locating underground power cables, telecommunication network cables and buried pipes. In ever increasingly congested infrastructure, it is imperative for an underground utilities locator to keep operators safe, and also to provide both reliable and accurate results.

The RD8200G locator automatically stores all locate parameters providing a comprehensive picture of field operations. Supervisors or health and safety personnel can analyse the data to assess usage patterns in order to ensure adherence to best-practice and to identify training needs before poor work habits develop. The information can also be shared with partners or clients to evidence task completion or compliance to service requirements. Usage data can be exported in multiple file formats – for example KML for Google Maps to confirm where and when work was performed.

The RD8200G has a number of features, which have been improved over previous versions of Radiodetection's precision locator range and now has various performance enhancements including:

  • RDMap™+, for easy and cm accurate utility mapping - Add positional data to your survey measurements with the integrated GNSS option, and use RD MAP+ to create in real time*, detailed maps of buried utilities. Combine with a high accuracy external positioning device, such as the Trimble Catalyst RTK solution, to create high accuracy utility maps**
  • Ease of setup and use - The RD8200G is designed to be an out of the box solution, with a simple and familiar interface. The new display is readable even in sunlight, and a new high performance audio system also adds vibration alerts for use even in the noisiest environments.
  • Digital signal processing - The new RD8200G offers enhanced processing of locate signals for sensitive and accurate results, which also have enhanced reliability, an important feature in highly congested infrastructure.
  • Custom frequencies - Up to 5 additional frequencies can be programmed into your locator to match it to the signals found on your target networks.
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity - Ready for a Connected World - The RD8200G locator provides a dual Bluetooth system, which combines long range iLOC functionality and low power connectivity to deliver a system ready to connect to cloud based data solutions.
  • Power Filters™ - Works where other locators won't - A single key press enables the use of the harmonic properties of power signals to establish if a signal comes from one source, or from multiple cables which you can then trace and mark.

The transmitter supplied in the kit is Radiodetection's tried and trusted TX-10B which delivers up to 10 watts of power to actively locate a wide range of underground cables and pipes. Also boasting iLOC, the TX-10B transmitter can connect to the RD8200G receiver via a Bluetooth link, allowing the user to change frequencies without having to walk back to the transmitter each time. The TX-10B is used along with the RD8200G locator to apply a locate signal into a target line, at a specific frequency, allowing you to locate a wider array of buried services over longer distances, and at greater depths. The locate signal can be applied by either direct connection, signal clamping with the included 100mm diameter signal clamp, or by induction where the transmitter is just placed onto the ground and applies a signal to any services within the signal range underground. When using the TX-10B transmitter, it is also possible to use an A frame attachment which allows cable insulation faults in direct buried cables to be pinpointed to an accuracy of approximately 10cms. 


Key Features:

  • 22 active locate frequencies
  • 5 passive locate modes
  • 4 sonde frequencies for best in class versatility - locate non-metallic pipes and sewer camera heads
  • In built power filters for difficult power cable locates
  • On board usage logging and GPS for in depth survey reporting
  • 10-watt iLOC transmitter can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth link from the receiver
  • Current Direction (works with the 10-watt transmitter) helps to identify single cables in congested networks
  • Dual Bluetooth functionality for long range iLOC (connection of locator and transmitter when used with an iLOC transmitter)
  • Depth in passive power mode and all active modes
  • On screen compass in active modes helps to confirm utility direction
  • Strike Alert warns the user of shallow power cables
  • Various locate modes including Peak+ for fast location and confirmation of signal distortion
  • Swing warning system warns the user of excessive locator swing to improve accuracy
  • Digital signal processing increases accuracy and reliability of difficult locates
  • Improved display is visible even in bright sunlight
  • Both lightweight and ergonomic for comfortable, extended use on site
  • New vibration alert reduces the chance of missed warnings
  • Built in dynamic overload protection ignores electrical interference for locating in difficult environments
  • Fault find mode allows for locating cable sheath faults underground to within 100mm using an optional A-Frame
  • TruDepth for reliable depth measurements
  • On screen signal current measurement for accurate following of the locate signal
  • Improved sensitivity for better response on difficult locates


Download Attachment RD8200 Brochure (5.93 MB)

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