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Thermal Imaging Cameras

We offer a full range of FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras for sale Australia Wide, manufactured by FLIR Systems, a global leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging cameras. FLIR offer their exclusive 2/10 warranty on the range of thermal imaging cameras, and Test Equipment offer full after sales service and support for all FLIR thermal imaging cameras supplied by us. As an authorized FLIR distributor, our thermal imaging camera sales extend to all parts of Australia and our knowledgeable staff are trained and certified in the use of FLIR and other brands of thermal imaging camera.

In addition to sales of FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras, Test Equipment also offers training on the operation of all FLIR thermal cameras and test instruments for users wishing to get the most out of their infrared camera (Read this before you buy). Although predominantly, we are FLIR specialists, our knowledge can also be applied to users who may own a different brand of infrared camera other than FLIR Systems.

With a wide range of thermal imaging cameras, FLIR can satisfy most customer budgets and requirements. For those users who may want the simplicity of a point and shoot thermal imaging camera, the FLIR Ex series, comprising of the FLIR E4, E5, E6 and E8 models would be an excellent starting point into the world of infrared thermal imaging. From the entry level FLIR E4, which still has good infrared performance for it’s cost, up to the FLIR E8 which has a high resolution infrared detector, the FLIR Ex series is a no nonsense performer, and is suitable for thermal imaging of electrical switchboards, building and pest, manufacturing and process engineering and energy audits, to name just a few applications.

For those customers requiring more features, then the FLIR Exx series, consisting of the FLIR E40, E50 and E60 offer functionality aimed at more serious thermal imaging camera users. The FLIR E40, E50 and E60 have additional connectivity, including Bluetooth, which allows them to wirelessly connect to a smartphone or tablet and even connect to a FLIR clamp meter, multimeter or moisture meter for readings to be including in thermal imaging reports. This particular range has enhanced infrared detectors and optics to deliver a crisper thermal image than the FLIR Ex series and requires slightly more user input, but in return, infrared images are generally smoother and sharper, and as an additional feature the E40, E50 and E60 can also save infrared videos as well as infrared images. We have written quite extensive reviews here on all Flir Series

The FLIR T-Series is the high end offering and these infrared cameras are for sale to the most discerning users, and are generally utilized in a professional thermal imaging capacity due to their enhanced infrared resolution and features, but they are still incredibly simple to use, like all FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

From our offices here in Brisbane, we offer the full range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras for sale and are well positioned for Australia wide sales, service and support of both FLIR and other brands of infrared thermal imaging cameras. As a FLIR Australia Wide Authorised Distributor, we not only offer sales of infrared cameras, but also offer an unprecedented level of technical and product support on all FLIR products, and can advise you accordingly on thermal imaging application and product selection.