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FLIR Ex Series Thermal Imaging Cameras with WiFi

The FLIR Ex Series is a point and shoot range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras, designed for ease of use, coupled with professional results. From the entry level FLIR E4 to the high end FLIR E8 with professional level resolution, all thermal imaging cameras in the FLIR Ex Series are aimed at excellent results, even for the less experienced user. The FLIR E5 builds on the specification of the FLIR E4, and the FLIR E6 offers industry leading levels of thermal sensitivity on a par with the FLIR E8. The FLIR Ex Series is popular with many industries, including electrical contractors, plumbers, leak detection specialists, building and pest inspectors and energy assessors. All FLIR thermal imaging cameras offer MSX technology for image enhancement and a built in visual camera for unrivalled detail which can be placed into thermal imaging reports, and a 10 year detector warranty. From electrical switchboard inspections, to water leak detection, building and pest inspections, the FLIR Ex Series is designed to be robust and easy to use. From the entry level FLIR E4 and FLIR E5 to the more advanced FLIR E6 and FLIR E8, the Ex Range of thermal imaging cameras are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.