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TnP-500B Automated Battery Powered Test and Tag System with Tag Printer

Please allow 3-4 days, especially if custom tags are required

The latest TnP-500B automated test and tag kit, offers a new and more advanced design with a built in Lithium Ion battery pack for greater versatility, meaning that the new generations of test and tag machines with integrated tag printer and scanner can now operate in the absence of mains power, providing the user with enough battery power to conduct over 3000 tests and tag prints in one charge....

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The latest TnP-500B automated test and tag kit, offers a new and more advanced design with a built in Lithium Ion battery pack for greater versatility, meaning that the new generatiions of test and tag machines with integrated tag printer and scanner can now operate in the absence of mains power, provding the user with enough battery power to conduct over 3000 tests and tag prints in one charge.

With this particular test and tag unit, the operator can conduct a full range of appliance testing on Class 1 and Class 2 appliances, as well as extension leads and portable RCD's. Current leakage (load) testing can be conducted with up to 10A operation, and no external isolation transformer is required, as the TnP-500B has new circuitry, which integrates the isolation transformer within the internal circuit board, removing the need to utilise a separate isolation transformer for RCD testing.

The TnP-500B is housed in a hard transit case, manufactured from ultra high impact structural polymer and has the whole of the portable appliance tester laid out in a logical manner with the keyboard, scanner and tag printer all within easy reach, and completely self-contained for ease of transport. The Lithium Ion battery pack gives enough power for high volume testing and tagging from a single charge, and also provides power to charge numerous mobile devices, such as a mobile phone, tablet, GPS, or a camera. The Lithium Ion battery pack can be fully recharged within four hours, and then be put straight to work, conducting over 3,000 tests and printed tags from a single charge. When battery power is not required, or not practical, the TnP-500B can be mains powered as it also offers AC/DC mains powered operation.

The TnP-500B offers many of the features and functionality found in the tried and tested TnP-500 test and print unit, including a simple one button test function and a fully automated test and tag process, with a clear pass and fail result, as well as the test progress and reading on a single, large font display. Just like all of the test and print range, the TnP-500B will not only automate the test process, but will also automate the printing of bar code test tags, which can be customised to each individual user to display customised logos and contact details (which we can do at no extra cost). The built in scanner makes re-testing fast and simple, as the appliance records can be recalled for testing at the press of a button, making the TnP-500B extremely fast, and highly geared towards saving the costs associated with higher volume testing and tagging.

The WinPATS Premium software which is provided with the TnP-500B gives the user full asset management capabilities, with the ability to manage assets, sites and tests. From the software, an equipment summary report (log book) can be printed and saved, alleviating the need to manually record the tests, which significantly cuts down the time taken to test and tag each appliance. Reports can also be customised, with the ability to add and remove fields, insert a company logo and even change the layout.

Up to 16 sites can be saved in the TnP-500B memory and up to 6 users can be assigned to the test and tag machine, which allows the test tags to print out of the unit with the correct site and user details for each test. Each test can have a number of parameters saved with it, such as the location, make, description, model number, serial number, asset number, any notes and the testing frequency. These are all fields which are easily edited on the screen, or in the software once the details are downloaded to a Windows PC from the TnP-500B. It is also possible to save each site in it's own database and download it to a connected PC for saving, then erase the test and tag unit's internal memory, ready for the next site to be tested, or alternatively, the equipment can be left in the memory, which has enough capacity for up to 5,000 items (which can optionally be upgraded to 20,000 items if required). Through the software program, it is also possible to upload sites and equipment to the TnP-500B, meaning that before testing, each site, or a combination of sites and equipment can be uploaded to the test and print unit in readiness for fast and efficient testing. For new sites, a CSV can be imported into the software, eliminating the requirement to manually enter sites and equipment.



  • Fully integrated test and tag system with tag printer
  • Over 3,000 test and tag prints on one charge
  • Built for efficient and fast high volume test and tag
  • Integrated memory for up to 5,000 items (20,000 memory upgrade option)
  • Real time clock for date and time stamping
  • Meter mode function (displays supply voltage, current, power consumption)
  • Up to 10A load (current leakage) testing
  • Simple and fast one button testing
  • Easy to read LCD display shows test progress, and results
  • WinPATS Premium software included
  • Hard transport case manufactured from high impact structural polymer
  • Thermal transfer printer
  • Built in isolation transformer - Separate isolation transformer not required
  • Supplied with 500 standard white tags and ribbon
  • Coloured tags optionally available as well as UV rated tags
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Conditional 24 month warranty
  • Tag artwork design available at no extra cost
  • Tests Class 1 appliances, Class 2 appliances, leads and RCD's
  • Fully meets Australian standards AS/NZS 3760:2010


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